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The Very Versatile Asian Slaw

A regular feature in our salad cabinet the humble asian slaw. This tasty mingle of assorted cabbage, carrot, capsicum, mungs and of course coriander lends itself brilliantly to a number of slap up dinner options, here's a few ideas to get you started.

Use our asian slaw as a base for pork tortillas. Seasoned pork mince, guacamole, salsa, wrappd in a soft floured tortilla ( you could sub the pork mince for any protein).

Rice paper rolls with asian slaw and chili lime and ginger dressing, you could add prawns or even chicken mince ( freedom farmed of course!)

Chili fried tofu with peanut satay sauce served on asian slaw... YUM !

Any kind of stir-fry or side dish. Flash this tasty little slaw in a hot pan with sesame oil for a few secs, season with tamari and a tablespoon of vegetable stock.

Grab a box of our Asian slaw next time your passing and try it in anyone of these tasty ( and quick) dinner ideas.

~ See you soon

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